Connectivity Services

Wi-Fi Setup

Our Wi-Fi Setup service ensures you have a seamless and high-speed internet connection in your space. Our expert technicians will configure and install the necessary equipment, including routers and modems, to establish a reliable wireless network. We’ll optimize settings for maximum performance and security, providing you with a fast and stable internet connection for all your online activities.

Wi-Fi Mesh

Wi-Fi Range Extenders are devices designed to amplify and extend the coverage of your wireless network. Our service includes the installation and configuration of these devices strategically within your space. This ensures that even in areas with weaker signals, you can enjoy a strong and stable connection. With our range extenders, you can eliminate dead zones and experience seamless connectivity throughout your premises.

Fibre CPE Move

Wi-When it comes to relocating your Fiber Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or Optical Network Terminal (ONT), our expert technicians have you covered. We’ll carefully disconnect and transport your equipment to the new location. After the move, we’ll reconfigure and ensure that your fiber connection is up and running smoothly. This service guarantees that you experience minimal disruption during the transition

Smart Home

Our Smart Homes service transforms your living space into an intelligent, connected environment. We integrate cutting-edge technology to automate various aspects of your home, such as lighting, climate control, security, and entertainment systems. With intuitive controls via your smartphone or voice commands, you gain unprecedented convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security. Experience the future of living with our Smart Homes solutions.

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